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Summer is the best time to reflect. The joyous change of the season brings with it an abundance of colour and life. As far as Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is concerned, bringing the outside in is a sure fast way to create summer glory.

Of course a vase of flowers is an option, but actually plants work so much better. LLB says to be imaginative about what you do with your house plants; use teacups, teapots or even fruit bowls! Not only can plants improve health and productivity, their abundance of colour can work perfectly with any design scheme.

Furthermore, using nature as a starting point on redecoration is, according to LLB, one of the best ways to bring a bit of summertime living into where you spend most of your time. But don't be fooled by natural colours like beiges, nature is only this colour when it is dead! When nature is fully alive, it is populated with gorgeous and clashing shades of green and exotic combinations of oranges and pinks.

The Northern Hemisphere suits a much more exciting and committed colour palette. The light we receive into our homes is very dull compared to the Mediterranean, so by bringing in that sense of nature in all her glory highlights how wonderfully she is living!

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