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Our design focus for The Dial House was to highlight the rich and extraordinarily influential design legacy of the Cotswolds. Laurence’s design fused his love for the area and his passion for the revived late Victorian Arts and Crafts movement. The resulting bespoke style solutions set out to bring new life to the traditional elegance of Cotswold designers like William Morris, balanced with 21st Century expectations of luxury indulgence and comfort.


We designed five suites, each with its own inspirational Arts and Crafts hero at the heart of the scheme; Oscar (Wilde), Owen (Jones), Walter (Crane), Aubrey (Beardsley) and May (Morris). All suites are adorned with bespoke Llewelyn-Bowen patterns, from floor to ceiling, ensuring each room has its own identity.


Our design brief for Maxi’s Tipi Lounge was to create the Cotswold’s version of a tropical paradise. Laurence was keen to bring the shapes and colours of the local nature to the Tipi and the design became a homage to the shared childhood memory of building a summer pillow fort.

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