What the papers say

“Charm will get you anywhere. Having said that, the idea of being invisible is a nightmare. Bang goes any chance of getting series recommissioned on the BBC. It’s like one of those horrible dreams where all your teeth fall out.” 
Cotswold Life March 2010.

“…in his millionaire’s suit, white silk shirt and billowing great-coat, he looks like a cross between a mafia don and the cutty sark… He’s surprisingly rugged in real life – quite hewn, and more heathcliff than sun king. But then of course, he does still look dandy. It’s a slightly unsettling combination, like he could have you killed in a lot of very creative ways…”  The Times, Caitlin Moran

“Christmas is the only time of year we move from blandeur to grandeur in this country, so it seems a shame not to make the most of it.” 
The Guardian

“The dining room at the Ritz is one of the most flamboyant in London; where there is not a twiddle, there is a twirl. So what better venue could there be for an encounter with the decidedly twirling and twiddlesom Jackie and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen”
Sainsbury’s magazine.

“Although his wife Jackie has a big input into major design decisions, she gives Laurence the freedom to explore his highly creative instinct. This has made him enormously successful, not only as a designer and television and radio personality, but in his various product ranges for Matalan as well as wallpapers and a new paint line for B & Q.”
Essential Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Magazine – April 2010

“Llewelyn-Bowen will back his calculation that Britain is prepared for vibrant colour with his first paints range for B & Q; it includes such shades as Touchy Tealey and Plummy Accent. Recognising that some people may not yet be ready for such statements Llewelyn-Bowen describes his ideas as being like ‘orange squash’, to be diluted to taste.”
The Times, February 2010

“Laurence has decorated his home in true Llewelyn-Bowen style and isn’t frightened of making a statement with his interiors. Laurence’s rather dramatic style certainly turns heads, but even for those not quite so flamboyant his advice makes sense.”
First Time Buyer Magazine, March 2010

“There’s no mistaking who’s in charge in the Llewelyn-Bowen household... Jackie, chief of the family interior design company Llewelyn-Bowen Ltd is by her own admission bossy. But her daughters love her for it. As such Mother’s Day is very much a special occasion when she’s generally spoilt rotten.”
Hello, March 16th 2010

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The long awaited latest edition to Laurence’s covetable collection of style bibles, published by Quadrille 4th March 2010… ‘Decorating with Laurence’

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