There’s something about seeing behind a designers net curtains that says so very much about their personality and taste. So welcome to the LLB domestic portfolio, a bit like being invited round for tea by Laurence really.

Poshington Manor

A 16th / 17th Century rambling squire house perfect for rambling squires. By turning his back on the decorating obvious the current LLB home reflects the strong and flamboyant personalities of its outgoing inhabitants.


The LLB beach bolt hole in Port Isaac, North Cornwall. Nestled within crazily meandering streets and protecting cliffs Henrys elegant colour palette derived directly from the slate sea and sky around it.

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Point Hill

An elegant exercise in late Georgian early Victorian Greenwich style. Point Hill expanded to welcome the growing LLB brood with a palette of good natured period pattern.

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The Nook

Blackheath’s strangest ugliest house… or at least it was until it got LLB’d. Reincarnated as a pastel hued tardis with rooms opening onto each other through tall glass doors "The Nook" revelled in its Englishness.

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Streatham Close

Laurence & Jackie’s young married starter quarters. A charming 1930’s mansion block with plenty of light and views over fluffy verdant tree’s.

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